The sun came out today and it was glorious. Spring is in the air. I decided to sit outside  today and make lunch with my Solo Stove Campfire.

I grabbed a shirt load of small pine cones, which are everywhere, and got the fire going.  I then put 3 liters of water on to boil. I then waited.

The fluffy clouds were moving to and fro as I watch from the bench I am laying on in the yard. Every time the sun pokes it’s head out, it feels warm all over.

As I lay here, I I hear the wind chime on the porch once in a while. I hear birds and a chipmunk. I hear the bells on my goats collars as they forage around the yard. Wait…what is that I hear??? It’s the wild turkey’s not far away. Reminds me of the little turkey poults and 8 chicks I’m raising in the barn.

Well, after 27 minutes, the water begun to boil and it’s time to add noodles.

What a wonderful day, except, that it could be much better if my friend or children were here with me.