Create The Atmosphere You Want Surrounding You

What do you do If someone is trying their best to treat you horribly? Why not return it with the environment you want yourself surrounded in.

I personally want to be in the atmosphere of love every second of the day! I want Love all around me. I want the very presence of Love with me, in me, and filling me to a constant overflow into every other area of my life. How about you?

If you want a humble, respectful and honoring environment to surround you and envelope you…then you need to be humble, respectful and honoring around everyone you are with.

If that is what you want then you need to create that atmosphere by loving, honoring, or respecting others that same way, unconditionally, in every situation.

Create the atmosphere you want surrounding you.

Get this principle working in your life as soon as possible. Practice it every day…living it out… through the mud and on up above the Rocky Mountains. You will see a magnificent change in your life. You have to walk this out every second of the day, at work, at church, at the store, whether your talking over a stout or hiking Spencer’s Butte with friends. …anytime your with people…live this out and your life will be surrounded by that atmosphere and those that want that kind of atmosphere too. Wherever you are, live out the atmosphere you want your life engulfed in.

So one might ask themselves… Do I want to be known as a person of love? Do I want the kind of relationship with my Lover that I have seen only in a handful of people, in my entire life? Do I want the same kind of intimacy that King David had with God, the nakedness of nothing hidden in his heart? Do you want that intimate loving relationship with God too? Love others with that very love you want wrapped in…like a warm and cozy blanket.

If Love really is the atmosphere I want myself surrounded in, then I have to treat people with love…no matter how I feel about how I am being treated. You have to treat people the way you want to be treated. This kind of love is not dependent on being loved in return!

Let the fruit (or atmosphere) show by planting seeds of the fruit trees (or atmospheres) that you want surrounding you. You will soon have fruit all around you.

Create the environment you want surrounding you.