Fling Wide
by Misty Edwards
I love how He designs the seasons to draw us closer…

Awake, awake, O north wind
Awake, awake, O south wind; blow over me.

Come, O winds of testing
Come, winds of refreshing; blow over me.

Fling wide the door to my soul, open up the door to my heart

Have your way, have your way, have your way, yeah

I won’t be afraid; I will face the wind
I won’t be afraid; I’ll embrace the flame.

Take me through the fire, take me through the rain.
Take me through the testing, I’ll do anything.

Test me, try me, prove me, refine me like the gold, like the gold

Fling wide the door to my soul, open up the door to my heart!!

And I Thought…
by Heath McConnell
For you are my lover and I want you to fill the inside if me…fill me with you until I can’t contain the overflow.


You made me, you made all I see.
You made the way the clouds move and have their way.
You made this forest different from that forest.
You made this tree different than that tree.
You made that son more beautiful to me than anything on this earth.

So, my God… Come and change all that is me…
I open up….to you…

You see us as gold…purest gold
The Patina…you want to remove…

I say come my lover…come…I’ll do anything.
I fling wide the doors of my being to you.

You are our God and our loveliest lover, you Jesus, you are the lover of us… Come inside of us…
Come as we fling wide the doors to everything inside of us…we are wide open for you.

I am yours!!!!!