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About Heath McConnell…


I love visual imagery. My fascination for photography began when I was around 10 years old. I remember making double exposures, with a Brownie camera, of a Ford Pinto and my mom. I know, I know, interesting combination. I was a creative minded kid, what do you expect. Anyhow, that lasted for a while and then faded due to the fact that film costs were more than a kid in my allowance range could afford. 

By the time I was in high school my desire to create what I saw in my head through photography began to rise again. My parents bought me a Pentax ME Super and I took photo class all through high school. Since then I have shot a few weddings and portraits, but I mostly capture the way my mind sees things in nature.

Have a look at some of my favorite visual creations on the
Photography page.


I had grown up in a musical family that traveled the countryside singing old school gospel music. The family anointing finally came to full bloom in 1988 when I bought my first guitar and started leading worship. I have been leading worship and creating music ever since that day. 

Having been influenced musically by the likes of Rush, John Butler Trio, Michael Hedges, Ben Harper, The Smiths, Pink Floyd, Soundgarden and others, I have developed a unique and creative voice and progressive playing style…a spontaneously passionate and spirit led music with burning rhythms and strong vocals. Visit the
Music page for my musical endeavors.


I really love being in the great outdoors and have since I was little! I enjoy backpacking, camping, hiking, kayaking, hunting and fishing in places that are wild and still free. See the Outdoor page for more on these adventure.


I love cooking! whether at home or in camp, I love to cook. Check out my cooking blog if your interested in this little pleasure.
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