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Triangle Lake

Had a great time with a friend paddling the other day. We were fishing for bass but not catching any. I decided to put a tiny hook on and fish for Bluegill. I then caught a tiny one, only about 6cm. As I was reeling in the Bluegill, a big Bass swallowed the little Bluegill and got away.  


Inside You?

I have been going through some real tough things in my life of late. I am recording some spontainious things that are quite strange and are what I am feeling at the moment. I have decided to put those recordings together into a project called, Emotional Experiments. This song is more like Radiohead meets Bauhaus, and then they get in a fight. Sometimes I wonder what is going on inside someone else. They may be calm as a windless morning on a lake, but inside they could be…  


Here’s some audio

I was interested in Cubasis and how it may sound recording through the iPad mic. This is the audio….

If the embed doesn’t work, try here…
iPad mic test


No matter what your situation looks like, you have to have faith…

You can’t let all the things you see going on in a major situation get you down…and you may be way, WAY down… you have to have faith.

Sure, the situation may seem hopeless. You may have much to worry about, but faith looks past all those things.

Faith keeps your head above the water and gives you the drive to stand with your sword on The Rock as the wind blows, as the sea rages and the waves come one after the other. Faith gives you the courage to stand and slay the beast that rises from the sea against you.

Faith brings hope worth fighting for!

-Heath McConnell


University Of Oregon-Straub Hall

Working at the University of Oregon today at Straub Hall. We laid out the arc of the second story lecture room seating and a storm line.




Beautiful Spring Day

It’s a beautiful spring day in Oregon! The birds are all over singing, the breeze is gentle, clouds here and there and everything is so green. Love it.

let it load…


Evening Guard

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Building within a building

I wasn’t sure why they were building a building within the building.


But I am sure when it’s all said and done…no one will know it looked like this…



Wheels On Fire

This thing was loud!!!


They had to cut the metal joists in spots, then smash it down, so they could lay electrical conduit before they lay the floor.


I love to be inspired

I love to be inspired…and laying in a chair, reading in the yard, with the goatees nibbling around, can be just what I needed some time.