The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

I think The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is my new favorite movie. I love the story, it’s GREAT! I also love how the music is perfect in every scene, as well as the fact that Iceland and Greenland is in it (I have secretly longed to visit Iceland for years).

This movie is at the top of my list.


Land Surveying on the Salvation Army corner


This picture speaks louder than bombs about where I FEEL I am in life right now. The saturation (or situation) has discolored, it’s in the lower part of town, on top of it all is a sticky film trying to cover everything around me….

However, I choose to stand on this corner with Salvations Army, as a Surveyor. I stand as an “expert witness”! I stand, with the level bubble set. I stand on a new “Control Traverse” with my sight set on the “Back Sight” from which all my angles are measured and turned.