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Salt Creek Falls

My girlfriend and I took a trip to Salt Creek Falls this weekend to see the second highest single drop waterfall in Oregon, which cascades 283 feet. Salt Creek Falls is one of Southern Oregon’s most powerful falls, with an average yearly flow of 50,000 gallons per minute flowing over the rocks. The primary observation platform at the top of the waterfall is only 50 yards (45.720 m) from the parking lot. However, The entrance was snowed over and the gate closed. we parked at the gate and hiked on the snow about 5 minutes to the platform. The platform is wheelchair accessible with railings that accommodate wheelchair sight-lines. A loop gravel trail (Salt Creek Falls Trail #3673) with interpretive signage offers a short hike with multiple vantage points along the canyon rim.
A steep trail from the platform to the waterfall’s base is short, but is not wheelchair accessible due to numerous stairs. The best viewpoint is said to be halfway down this path. I felt it was the very bottom of the falls being blasted by the wind and spray created by the falls. This required leaving the main trail and climbing down a steep section of hill while trying to keep from sliding on loose rock fragments all the way to the waters edge.


To get to Salt Creek Falls from Interstate I-5, take HWY 58 about 57 miles to Forest Service road #5893. Once you turn right onto aforementioned road, stay right and continue about 0.5 miles to the parking lot.



imageA drawing that I created today in Paper53 for Cindi.


Symmetrical Flower



Live with a heart exposed?

The joy in my life from living from the inside out, a heart exposed, has made this life one of exquisite beauty and an even deeper joy. Words can’t describe the love of life I am experiencing. Friendships take it even higher than that!


Life is beautiful!

Life right now has me feeling all tingly like electricity is is flowing through my being…life is beautiful! Thank you God.


The depth of it

Is there anyplace I can go to avoid your love? to be out of your love? If I climb to the sky, you’re there! If I go underground, you’re there! If I flew on morning’s wings to the far western horizon, You’d find me in a minute— you’re already there waiting! (‭Psalm‬ ‭139‬:‭7-10)


Here’s some audio

I was interested in Cubasis and how it may sound recording through the iPad mic. This is the audio….

If the embed doesn’t work, try here…
iPad mic test


No matter what your situation looks like, you have to have faith…

You can’t let all the things you see going on in a major situation get you down…and you may be way, WAY down… you have to have faith.

Sure, the situation may seem hopeless. You may have much to worry about, but faith looks past all those things.

Faith keeps your head above the water and gives you the drive to stand with your sword on The Rock as the wind blows, as the sea rages and the waves come one after the other. Faith gives you the courage to stand and slay the beast that rises from the sea against you.

Faith brings hope worth fighting for!

-Heath McConnell


University Of Oregon-Straub Hall

Working at the University of Oregon today at Straub Hall. We laid out the arc of the second story lecture room seating and a storm line.




Beautiful Spring Day

It’s a beautiful spring day in Oregon! The birds are all over singing, the breeze is gentle, clouds here and there and everything is so green. Love it.

let it load…